BTS takes over the airport with their outfits heading to the United States

The boys of BTS have already started with the first step to shine with everything in America. Their airport looks that you will love and will surely show you a little more of the idols’ personal style.

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The members of BTS they will spend a season in USA due to his Permission To Dance On Stage live concert tour in The AngelsAs if this weren’t enough, she will also be part of the 2021 American Music Awards ceremony with Butter alongside Megan Thee Stallion.

The first step of this journey was the trip, that J-Hope was tasked with doing various spoilers for ARMY. The idols gathered at the Incheon International Airport, where did their best looks to reach our neighboring country, but without losing its style of international stars.

Do not miss any detail of the outfits from Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, from their messages to fans before leaving for their activities in the United States, and much more.

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What were BTS’s looks at the airport heading to the United States?

Through Weverse, the BTS rapper posted a message and a selfie for ARMY, promised that he would be back soon and with the same excitement he showed up at the Incheon International Airport with an ideal look to combat the cold temperatures of South Korea.

Hobi’s words:

I will go and come back fine

J-Hope from BTS. | Source Twitter @seokjeternal

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The oldest member of the band K-Pop He opted for a classic style, with a gray coat, white shirt and black jeans. An elegant and at the same time relaxed set to enjoy your trip to Los Angeles.

Jin from BTS. | Source Twitter @seokjeternal

The singer BTS showed up at the airport ready to take his flight with his colleagues with a outfit composed of a military green raincoat and the rest of dark pieces, including a hat in which he hid his new look, some fans claimed that it has silver locks. Will be?

Jimin from BTS. | Source Twitter @seokjeternal

El Golden Maknae He was one of the idols of the boy band who hid her hair from the cameras and even though she chose a totally black outfit, she stamped her stamp with silver accessories and a sports cap.

Jungkook de BTS. | Fuente Twitter @seokjeternal

The rapper chose the same winning formula as Jungkook and wore a look entirely in dark pieces, albeit with a more rocker and carefree style that stole the glances from reporters and also from ARMY.

Suga from BTS. | Source Twitter @Suga_spain

Namjoon from BTS is a boy who loves coats and for his trip to the United States he did not forget to combine his clothes with a Louis Vuitton cap just as cool as the rest of his outfit, also, the dark glasses were the perfect touch.

RM from BTS. | Source Twitter @seokjeternal


Kim Taehyung is so iconic that he combined the colors of his favorite drink with his look, the star arrived at the airport in a beige coat, white button-down shirt, green vest and other pieces that gave him an elegant style.

V from BTS. | Source Twitter @seokjeternal

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