BTS: Suga, are you really descended from Korean royalty?

What is the origin of Suga’s family? The Korean rapper who, along with Jin, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, is part of BTS has generated a lot of surprise in ARMY for the recent information that he is descended from Korean royalty. The also known as Augst D., one of the most famous K-pop celebrities in the world, has a lot to tell about his past.

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The rapper was born on March 9, 1993, so he is 28 years old and his career is at its best. Your work as Bangtan has been highlighted and his fortune is estimated at about 12 trillion dollars.

The talent for him I sing and the home are his most notable skills, although he has also stood out as a producer, model and composer. Since he started his career in 2013. He thought his career would be that of to write songs on Big Hit, but ended up debuting as part of the musical group.

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In this way, Suck has earned a name within the music industry, but what few know about him is, for example, his real name and the surname that gives all the keys to the origin of his family and his connection to the royalty of his country.

Suga has expressed his feelings, the good and the bad, in “First Love,” the solo song he released on BTS’s second album “Wings” (Photo: Suga / Instagram)


The real name of Suga, the BTS star, is Min Yoongi, for which he becomes a direct descendant of the Min clan, also known as Yeoheung Min, one of the most influential and powerful in the Joseon dynasty.

The K-pop celebrity, then, it has descendants with the Korean royalty because it was the cradle of important characters of that time, such as the Reina Min, the last empress who had Korea.

In addition, the aforementioned clan was in charge of improving the quality of life in their country, with technologies such as trams, trains, phones and electric light. Because, ARMY he has even speculated that Suga may have been a prince of his clan.

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During an interview with the magazine Billboard, BTS’s Suga revealed that he always wanted to be professional basketball player. However, the young man could not achieve his dream due to his short stature, because although the South Korean singer measures 1.74It was not enough to be able to perform as an athlete in this sport.

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I really wanted to become a basketball player when I was younger, but I couldn’t grow taller. It is a very sad memory. I am the same height I was in my second year of high school“Confessed the rapper.

The basketball It is Suga’s favorite sport, in fact he played for his high school, Kangbuk High School. During that time, the rapper won several matches and gave many glories to the place where he studied.

Although it is not a professional athleteHe, Suga hasn’t completely quit basketball. When she has free time, the K-pop star often takes the ball and hits a few hoops. He has a great time practicing this sport, which he fell in love with from a very young age.

Suga is one of the BTS members who has the most interaction with ARMY.  (Photo: Suga / Instagram)
Suga is one of the BTS members who has the most interaction with ARMY. (Photo: Suga / Instagram)


Live broadcasts and direct through platforms such as weaver and VLive are a common resource of BTS to make the relationship with his fans always as close as possible. Although, on some occasion the followers have wanted to go overboard and play a cruel joke on one of the singers.

These communications between Asian singers and their fans usually originate in the recording rooms, while they are on tour in a hotel room or the rooms where they rehearse. It is in this space, where the youth idols share what their day to day is like and try to answer the majority of questions.

It was in 2018 when Suck he was sharing a nice moment right with his loyal fans, until a joke got out of control. It was night, the singer was alone in a room and one of the comments tried to scare the Asian idol. ARMY He made comments making the rapper believe that something or someone was behind him, they even wanted him to think that the painting on the wall was moving.

What the followers of the boy band is that Suga was more cunning than his shy character tends to project. The idol of many young women made believe that he had fallen for the heavy joke and appeared to be terrified by the comments he read during the broadcast. The singer’s scream made the omelette turn in his favor and thus it even seemed that he was making fun of ARMY.


In the face of constant curiosity about her singleness, Suck responded to his followers about the reason for not having a bride. In an interview with Elle Girl Rusia, the BTS member said that he prefers not to think about love, because his pace of work I would not allow it to have a couple.

The rapper noted that all his attention is set in its development in BTS. His career, for the artist, is the most important thing today, so he has no intention of being in a romantic relationship, so the infatuation surprise him with low defenses.

In this way, it was ruled out that he had anya ban by BigHit being a member of BTS. According to his version, it all depends on his desire to do his best so that his trajectory in music be something that lasts beyond the years. Bangtans do not think about anything other than their career.


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