BTS Staff Tried To Sell V’s Confidential Information In Paris

BTS fans lashed out at HYBE and BigHit due to attempting to sell Taehyung’s private information. ARMY demands protection for the idol and responsibility from the staff.

recently, V of bts traveled to France and spent a few days in Paristhe reason for the idol’s trip is kept secret, but from start to finish this trip was full of surprises, both for the singer and for the fans.

taehyung He was received by many fans who were waiting for him at the airport, the K-Pop idol was sharing photos during his stay in that European city, but he also told his fans that when the crowds gather to see him, he always worries about him. well-being of all.

Now V is back in Korea, but the details of his trip to Paris continue to be revealed, starting with something that upset the fans a lot, because an action on the part of the idol’s staff could affect the stay of the BTS member in France.

V’s private information was going to be sold in France. | Source: Instagram @tae.bighitentertaimment

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BTS: French media received offer to buy information from Taehyung

Recently, a media outlet in France specialized in the kpopannounced that before V’s visit, they received a message from someone who said they were part of the staff that would accompany the idol on his trip to Paris.

BTS staff offered information on V for sale. | Source: Twitter @kpopinparis

In that message they were offered to buy information about Taehyung’s private agenda for $350. Although in the screenshot we see that the outlet rejected the offer, this was revealed once the singer returned home, so fans were upset to learn of the offer.

HYBE staff wanted to sell information on Taehyung. | Source: Instagram @tae.bighitentertaimment

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ARMY expresses their annoyance against HYBE and asks them to take care of the K-Pop idol

BTS fans took to social networks to publicize what happened and get HYBE’s attention, as ARMY was concerned to learn that someone so close to the work of idols could be trying to take advantage of them regardless of the risk it might represent. .

It was so that the fans began to request the company to take real security measures to take care of the idols and that the staff act responsibly to prevent something like this from happening again.

On the other hand, we tell you that the music video for Dreamers has already been released, the song that Jungkook sang for Qatar 2022.

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