BTS shows his side as a jealous boyfriend in the middle of a game

Although we haven’t seen much of the romantic side of BTS beyond their sweetest songs, the members of the group revealed that there is a gesture that would make them very jealous if they saw their girlfriend doing it, what is it about?

The episodes of BTS MBTI Lab continue and we learn more and more about the personality of each of the members of the group, this time they answered some questions about how they would feel or react in different situations.

Everything was kept in order until one of the questions for the idols made them confess that there is an interaction that would make them very jealous if they saw what happens between his girlfriend and another person, even if it was a friend of the girl.

Can you imagine what would make the members of bts? The response of the K-Pop singers will surprise you, as they took this conversation in the game very seriously.

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BTS doesn’t want his girlfriend to help others with the goatee blade

to the interpreters of butter they were asked if they would feel uncomfortable or upset if their girlfriend helped another guy with the knob bladea very present element in Korean food, mainly when it comes to wrapping meat, rice and condiments.

The question basically referred to whether they would be jealous if their girlfriend prepared such a wrap and gave it to another person, since it is usually placed directly in the mouth of the person who is going to enjoy it. All the members agreed that that would be crossing the line and they couldn’t tolerate it.

The conversation seemed more and more intense and they kept throwing out new reasons why it wouldn’t be right, so Jungkook even said:

They peel a perilla leaf. Next thing you know, they’re holding hands, falling in love, and ending up getting married.

BTS reveals when they would be jealous of their girlfriend. | Source: Twitter @taepoooh

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What is perilla leaf or kkaennip? BTS would be jealous for her

The kkaennip sheets, also called perilla leaf is an important ingredient in traditional Korean food. Surely you have seen in dramas or with idols that when they eat meat they usually use some leaves of different plants to put rice, condiments and a piece of meat inside, then wrap it up and eat it in one bite.

The kkaenip is one of those leaves, which is why BTS didn’t want to imagine that their girlfriends would prepare such a wrap to feed someone else. AWW!

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