BT’s royal correspondent: ‘What in the world are you waiting for?’

The Danes have spoken.

According to a YouGov survey conducted by BT, it shows that 46 percent of Danes partially or completely agree that the reviled ECCO should be dropped as a royal court supplier.

The Danish company, which has been a court supplier for 31 years, has been in a minor storm in recent months because it has stuck to its 250 stores and 1,500 employees in Russia.

But the Kasprzak family, which owns ECCO, has not been moved – neither by a consumer boycott nor by media attention.

BT’s royal correspondent Jacob Heinel believes that the Royal Family should respond to the negative development that ECCO is in.

‘The survey reflects the opposition of the population to ECCO. The Danes say very clearly that the company does not deserve to be a royal court supplier. “

“The Royal House has said that you ‘follow how things develop’. Eventually you could be a little naughty and ask: ‘What in the world are you waiting for?’ It is a complex matter, because the Royal House must be apolitical, and you feel that it will be political if you take the title from ECCO. “

According to Jacob Heinel, the apolitical train has run. The Royal House has already dealt with the war, and thus they have opened up to be able to comment on other things themselves.

“But it is also just a different time we live in, and the Royal House has already made a political statement about the war: the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have said. that they support the Ukrainian people. “

However, the whole thing is not lost on the Royal House, because according to Jacob Heinel, it would be a definite world history if the Royal House chose to remove ECCO as a royal court supplier.

“In my optics, it would send a strong signal if, for once, it was shown that actions mean more than words. If the Royal Family threw ECCO at the gate, history would probably go around the world. “

Less than a week ago, the news came that the now head of the European part of ECCO Claus Flyger Pejstrup stopped in the company.

ECCO did not want to comment on the CEO’s resignation, nor have they returned BT’s inquiries in connection with other articles.

The Royal Family has previously said that it is aware of the negative pressure that ECCO is receiving.

“Basically, we do not comment on specific cases, but we of course follow how things develop,” said Lene Balleby, head of communications at the Royal House.

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