BT’s royal correspondent on ‘violent’ Herlufsholm figures: ‘The Royal House can not ignore this’

173,759 votes.

At the time of writing, so many have chosen to vote in BT’s vote on whether the Crown Prince and Crown Princess should pull Prince Christian and Princess Isabella out of Herlufsholm on top of TV 2’s documentary about the many criticisable conditions at the boarding school.

And the result is overwhelming. As many as 78 percent of the votes say ‘yes’ to the royal children should be a thing of the past at Herlufsholm. Figures that the Royal House should take note of, according to BT’s royal correspondent, Jacob Heinel Jensen.

“I never think we have had a vote where so many have voted. We are approaching 200,000 Danes, and their voices should resonate in Amalienborg’s long corridors, “he says.

The first time BT brought the vote to an article was Thursday, May 5, when the revelations had not yet had any consequences.

Since then, a whole lot has happened.

Rector Mikkel Kjellberg was fired, and vice-rector Martin Arvedlund was appointed rector. At the same time, the school announced that an independent legal investigation would be made and an action plan with six points would be introduced. Among other things, that the dormitories would be dropped, and that it would be over with, among other things, the prefect scheme.

But it has meant little to the Danes’ attitude. Throughout, about four out of five votes have meant that Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary should remove Prince Christian from school and put an end to Princess Isabella’s soon beginning.

“I really think there is doubt about how to handle this case. I mean, this is the Crown Prince Couple’s biggest crisis, because it’s hard to get out of. On the one hand, I have a great understanding that the decision is private, but conversely, the whole case has just become very public, “says Jacob Heinel Jensen.

According to him, the precariousness of the Royal House consists of two things.

The case affects Prince Christian, who one day in the future will be king, and then it affects Crown Princess Mary, who through her work in the Mary Foundation has children’s well-being as a priority.

“In that way, this case is extraordinary for the Royal House, because privacy and the Crown Princess’ work are mixed together in this case.”

Everyone can vote in BT’s votes.

It is also possible to vote as many times as you like.

There are thus no ‘unique’ voices.

It can therefore not be concluded that 78 percent of BT’s readers believe that Prince Christian should be removed from Herlufsholm.

So far, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess have ‘only’ announced that they expect a cultural change on Herlufsholm, and the Danes must probably also arm themselves with patience, says Jacob Heinel Jensen, who believes that the Royal House is currently awaiting what to do.

‘But fool me if they do not also air the mood. Of course, the Royal House should not just be costly around the referendum, but I have rarely seen such significant figures in our polls. It is violent, and the Royal House can not ignore it. “

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