BT’s royal correspondent on the Crown Prince’s statements: ‘It is too naive that it can be about sport’

“In my world, it’s all about the sport, and that’s what I think about a lot.”

This is what Crown Prince Frederik said at the beginning of November during his visit to Vietnam, where he was asked before the World Cup about the violations of human rights in the host country Qatar.

But according to BT’s royal correspondent Jacob Heinel Jensen, that answer lacks something more.

“Here I am thinking that the Crown Prince Couple’s version of the royal house has set itself up to be a progressive royal house with a view to human rights,” he says in the latest edition of the BT podcast ‘The Royal House behind the scenes’.

One of the things that Jacob Heinel Jensen points out is that Crown Princess Mary has previously stood up for human rights issues.

She commented not least on the harsh scenes from Afghanistan back in 2021.

“Let’s remember that the United Nations was created to prevent what happened during the Second World War from ever happening again. Unfortunately, tragedies still happen. And one of them the world sees with pain is happening in Afghanistan,’ said the Crown Princess in her speech at the opening of the Human Rights Conference in the UN City in Copenhagen last year.

Therefore, BT’s royal correspondent is also upset that the Crown Prince had not said that Denmark and the Crown Prince Couple are very concerned about human rights.

Now the final round has begun, and the debate is still running on human rights, including not least lgbt rights.

Denmark was not allowed to wear its ‘One-Love’ armband, which should illustrate that in Denmark and seven other European countries, human rights are a universal right.

“The crown prince believes that you can separate politics and sport,” says Berlingske’s royal house commentator Jakob Steen Olsen in ‘The Royal House Behind the Scenes’.

“It’s naive to believe,” says Jacob Heinel Jensen promptly.

There is no doubt that the Crown Prince has sport as one of his passions, but according to BT’s royal correspondent, he should the sport is put on the shelf for a while.

“I think the Crown Prince means it when he says it must be about sport. But unfortunately I think it’s too naive to think that things can be about sport,’ says Jacob Heinel Jensen.

“It cannot be done, and the attempt not to become political actually becomes political. So in that way, by insisting on not becoming political, the crown prince becomes political,” says Jakob Steen Olsen.

On Tuesday, Crown Prince Frederik posted a post on the royal house’s Instagram, where he stands with his red and white national team scarf around his neck – and here Jacob Heinel Jensen believes that the Crown Prince had a golden opportunity to take a stand. Because the Crown Prince could have worn the ‘One-love’ armband, both royal house experts agree.

“Exactly the rainbow issue they (the Crown Prince Couple, ed.) have decided is not political. The crown princess has said that many times, these are values ​​we all stand for,’ says BT’s royal correspondent.

Listen to the podcast ‘Kongehuset behind the scenes’ with BT’s royal correspondent Jacob Heinel Jensen here:

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