BTS: RM confronts James Corden over his comments on ARMY

The BTS members were guests on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where RM took the moment to ask the owner of the show about his comments about ARMY in the past.

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On November 23, BTS visited the set of The Late Late Show with James Corden after several years away from the program, they put on good shows for ARMY and during the talk, Namjoon He was one of the idols in the band who led the conversation topics.

And since a long time ago James Corden commented that fans of Bangtan Boys ‘They were 15-year-old girls’, the leader seized the moment and asked the comedian if everything was okay with ARMY. What was your response and reaction?

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RM spoke to James Corden about the comments towards ARMY, what did he respond to?

James Corden He received the 2022 GRAMMY nominees with great emotion, because after 2 years away from the television plate, they finally met and later asked them how they were, RM answered:

It’s great to be back, we’re all fine, but James, how are you? You’ve had problems with ARMY.

Immediately, everyone started laughing and James Corden looked very sorry, even his face turned a little red, he and his team thought that making two jokes would not dislike anyone, but what they said about BTS fans was wrong :

We said that his fans were 15-year-old girls, which is not true, because I am 43 and I consider myself the biggest fan of BTS.

Then he talked about the critics and comments that you received from fandom for his inappropriate jokes, he claimed it was a response from ARMY, he added:

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I hope you guys know that we love you and we love ARMY. I have seen them give their best, when they are a true force, when they contribute to charities and I can see those actions.

With all your words and as you explained the situation, Namjoon commented:

Okay James, we appreciate your apologies, we just wanted to clear this up.

Is James Corden still Papa Mochi? Jimin from BTS responds to him

With the matter resolved, James Corden questioned Jimin if it continued to be Papa Mochi and the singer said yes, he believed his sincere apologies, so he continued with that title and to seal their friendship they hugged.

Jimn from BTS and James Corden. | Source Twitter @Jjungvikook

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