BTS reveals what they think of RM and gives the idol the best compliments

Each of the BTS members feels great respect and admiration for their leader. For this reason, they do not miss any opportunity and whenever they can they let him know what they think about him, praising the idol as much as they can. This was what they said for RM in his D’FESTA photo.

BTS participated in the photoshoots for D’FESTA and the members of BTS did not hesitate to leave sweet messages for the leader in his Photomaking ARMY happy with their messages. What did they say about MR?

BTS’s RM posing for D’FESTA’s promotional photo. // Source: Twitter @vminiecats

ARMY loves the way the members of bts always looking lean on each other and always send messages of encouragement to their peers as soon as they have the opportunity. For that reason, they loved the messages the boys left for RM in her picture for D’FESTA.

MR as leader of bts, has come to confess to feeling great pressure, having the responsibility of directing the group and taking it on the right path. However, his companions have never left him alone and have always shown that they support him at all times.

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BTS filled RM’s photo for D’FESTA with affectionate messages

As part of D’FESTA promotions. bts had several photoshots and in their printed photographs, the members of the group took the opportunity to leave messages to their peers. BTS sent special messages to RM in her photo, warming ARMY’s heart.

The first comment was from Jin, who mentioned that if MR could see with both eyes, people would have felt a vibration of excitement and died, referencing how the leader covered his eye during photography. For Suga, RM’s short hair suits him perfectly, hinting that she should continue with that style.

J-Hope made sure to tell RM that he was a cool leader, while Jimin hinted that RM said in his photo ‘I give you permission to look at me’. On the other hand, Taehyung said that the leader was great, joining J-Hope’s thinking. Finally, Jungkook assured that RM would be forever the leader by BTS.

RM’s photography for D’FESTA with messages from his colleagues. // Source: Twitter @vminiecats

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BTS and ARMY always seek to fill RM with compliments

Both fans and members of the BTS group always seek to show RM how valuable he is, writing messages that describe what a great leader he is and how talented he has shown himself to be throughout his years. They always seek to make the leader feel comfortable and happy. Without a doubt, both the fandom and the group care about the well-being of each of the members.

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