BTS remembers Las Vegas and confesses which place they visited daily

The boys of BTS are in the middle of promoting Proof, but as part of the clips they prepared for Melon Music, they let us in on some secrets from their experience in Las Vegas.

The come back of BTS has brought with it many emotions, there will be performances of the idols with Yet To Come and also the idols prepared clips for different music platforms where they talked about their music, their friendship and more.

When the K-Pop group prepared a question and answer video for Melon Music, the idols remembered some of their customs during the trips to carry out their concerts and it was then that they remembered their experience in Las Vegas.

Just a few months ago this band performed with Permission To Dance On Stage filling the stadium several times with ARMYs who longed to see them. What was it that we did not know about the stay of bts In Las Vegas?

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How do BTS idols have fun? What they do together when they’re on tour

Let’s remember that the boys of BTS were presented with concerts During two weekends in Las Vegas, they also shared photos touring some places, but what did we not see on this trip?

To begin with, they shared that they usually go out to eat together when they visit different cities and this was no exception, because according to Suga, being in Las Vegas they ate a lot and tried many things. However, they also admitted that this trip was a little different from others and that is why without thinking they chose a place where they would spend a lot of time.

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BTS had a meeting place in Las Vegas and reveals it to ARMY

The boys confessed that several of them and especially taehyungThey have talked about going out more, traveling and seeing places, but they couldn’t do it in Las Vegas. V explained that they were in a very busy city and J Hope he complemented by pointing out that this made it a bit difficult for them to go out frequently.

However, BTS was able to spend their free time meeting in a comfortable place, it is nothing more and nothing less than the room of Jungkook.

Members of the BTS band. | Source: Twitter @taepoooh

Since it’s kind of hard to go out and take a walk, we ended up meeting in Jungkook’s room.

Hoseok added that it turned out to be a good place because the room was impressive and had special lighting, so even if they couldn’t go out too much he had a lot of fun being there with his classmates.

We also tell you why Proof is so special to J-Hope.

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