BTS Quiz: Which Of The New Proof Songs Are You?

BTS fell in love with all ARMY with their new compilation album Proof. Not only did he bring back fond memories of his greatest hits, he also gifted ARMY with three new songs that warm the hearts of his fans. Which of these songs identify you the most?

The South Korean group bts has dominated the world charts with his new compilation album Proof. With a total of 35 songs, three of them are completely new and each one completely fell in love with ARMY. Do you want to know which of his new songs Does it go more with your personality? East test will help you find out.

BTS. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

ARMY couldn’t be more in love with BTS’ new compilation album. Since each of the songs brings back old memories in each of the fans. In addition to that, some are very significant for each of the members of the group. Especially the new songs.

Yet to Come, Run BTS and For Youth are the new songs that BTS created for ARMY. This test will help you discover which one of them is more like you, since each one of them has completely different styles.

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Test to find out which of the new BTS songs you are

In this test each answer has a different score, so you must count how many points the answer you chose has to know the result.

  • What shade of purple is your favourite?

A) Purple (3 points)

B) Violet (2 points)

C) Lavender (1 point)

  • What word best describes you?

A) Optimistic (1 point)

B) Grateful (3 points)

C) Cheerful (2 points)

  • Do you prefer the past, the present or the future?

A) Past (3 points)

B) Present (2 points)

C) Future (1 point)

  • Choose one of these objects:

A) One puck (2 points)

B) A pen (1 point)

C) A photograph (3 points)

  • What phrase would you dedicate to your best friend?

A) The best is yet to come. (1 point)

B) Let’s live as if it were our last day. (2 points)

C) Let’s treasure our best memories. (3 points)


  • Yet to Come. (From 1 to 5 points)

You are an optimistic person who always hopes for the best. You know that at the end of the storms there is always a rainbow. Yet to Come is the song that best defines you.

  • Run BTS. (From 6 to 10 points)

You are a fun person, who always faces challenges with the best smile and looking for the most entertaining way to do it. A song as happy as Run BTS is for you.

  • ForYouth. (From 11 to 15 points)

You can become a very nostalgic person. You always fondly remember the past and you never stop thanking all the good times you have experienced despite the complications. For Youth is your song.

In other news, Jungkook released a new song called My You, dedicated to all ARMYs. Have you heard it yet?

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