BTS Quiz: What Kind Of Chemistry Would You Have With Jimin Instantly?

Can you imagine your first meeting with Jimin from BTS? The place would not matter much, but the kind of chemistry their hearts and personalities would have. Know your ideal relationship with the K-Pop idol.

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Jimin from BTS He is a person who is always real and sincere with his fans, qualities that have led him to be loved by millions of people who adore him for his talents such a warm way of looking at life.

What would your first meeting with Jimin be like? It is believed that when you meet someone, you can immediately notice their type of Connection or the course of your relationship, so it is very likely that the singer of Butter have a memorable reaction by shaking your hand.

Then in this BTS test You will get to know the kind of chemistry that Jimin and you would experience face to face, could they be best friends, partner or something different? Find out!

What kind of instant chemistry will you have with Jimin? Take this BTS quiz

Choose the BTS song that defines your personality

  • A) Dynamite
  • B) Butter
  • C) Permission To Dance

What was your first impression of Jimin?

  • A) That he was an interesting boy
  • B) A safe and tender boy
  • C) That he was a charming and sincere idol
Jimin from BTS. | Source Twitter @purpleloveplus

The reason you would like to be Jimin’s confidante:

  • A) To be very close to him
  • B) To know all its secrets
  • C) To be the person who relaxes you in difficult times

You’re the kind of girl who falls in love and …

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  • A) Treat your crush like your friend
  • B) You give your heart completely
  • C) She is very romantic and affectionate

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A perfect activity to get to know Jimin more would be …

  • A) Going on a trip
  • B) A long talk in a coffee shop
  • C) A tour of the city while they chat

What do you think is your level of connection with Jimin?

  • A) Surprisingly high
  • B) High
  • C) Medium

The city you would like to be in right now:

  • A) Seoul
  • B) Los Angeles
  • C) Paris

Here ends the BTS Jimin test, now add your points and look for your results.

Jimin, a member of the K-Pop band BTS. | Source Twiiter @Jimin from BTS. | Source Twitter @purpleloveplus

  • Majority A: Chemistry of friends

Jimin and you have many similar qualities, tastes and personality traits, their chemistry would be high, when they met they would notice it immediately, but this does not mean that their relationship would be romantic, on the contrary, both would be best friends and would not change that for nothing.

Jimin from BTS. | Source Twitter @Jjktopdejm

  • Majority of B: Unexplained Chemistry

Jimin and you would have a connection that could not be defined in words, because they would feel very comfortable with his presence, but they would also trust their biggest thoughts, having a mix between best friends and confidants that perhaps could become a couple. :or

Jimin from BTS. | Source Twitter @ jmfilter21

  • C Majority: Partner Chemistry

You and BTS’s Jimin would be everyone’s favorite couple, your instant connection would be powerful and you would both feel something special in your hearts upon meeting, it could probably be a rare experience, but you wouldn’t be afraid to show off your obvious chemistry.

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