BTS quiz: How would you celebrate your birthday with Jimin?

For BTS fans there would be nothing better than celebrating their birthdays with their favorite idols, what would it be like to celebrate a birthday with Jimin? The idol would give the best surprises for ARMY.

ARMY you can be accompanied by your favorite idols at all times, BTS has been in charge of bringing happiness and inspiration to each of his fans through his songs, videos and other content that brighten the days of his admirers.

Every fan of Bangtan Sonyeondan shows his love and support for all the members of his favorite group, but there are also those who have chosen his bias thanks to the fact that the members of this boy band manage to attract the attention of many fans individually.

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Maybe Jimin is your favorite member of Bangtan, a complete artist who as a singer and dancer has managed to impress millions, but also has a sweet personality that has also managed to conquer hearts and his physical beauty steals glances wherever he goes.

Can you imagine how it would be celebrate your birthday next to Park Jimin? Discover with this fun test how this idol would surprise you to make you have a very special anniversary.

How would you celebrate your birthday next to Jimin from BTS?

How much do you like parties?

  • A lot
  • B) Regular
  • C) Little

What gift do you want to receive more on your birthday?

  • A) Necklaces and earrings
  • B) BTS market
  • C) Clothes

What do you like the most on your birthday?

  • A) The company
  • B) Gifts
  • C) The hugs

How do you consider your personality to be?

  • A) Outgoing
  • B) Cheerful
  • C) Introvert
How would you celebrate your birthday with Jimin? | Twitter: @ 1503archive

What do you usually do when you don’t know what to give someone else?

  • A) I ask him directly
  • B) I give him something that he finds easily
  • C) I investigate with her friends

What do you like to eat on your birthday?

  • A) Cake
  • B) Cheesecake
  • C) Ice Cream

What do you want Jimin to be about you?

  • A) Boyfriend
  • B) Friend
  • C) Best friend
How would you spend your birthday with Jimin? | Twitter: @ 1503archive

Did you write down your answers? Let’s see the results of this test!

  • Majority A: Jimin would throw you a surprise party

Jimin would know that you love parties and surprises, being accompanied by your friends and family, so he would organize with everyone to make you one surprise party and fill you with happiness on your birthday.

Jimin would throw you a surprise party | Twitter: @ Shalini_Sinha89

  • Majority B: I’d take you out to eat at your favorite restaurant

Jimin wants to spend more time with you on your birthday and I would take you to eat at your favorite restaurant to celebrate your birthday, there you would receive a small courtesy cake from the place; But Mochi would have another surprise prepared after lunch and after walking for a while he would take you to a super cool cafeteria to eat dessert.

Jimin would take you to a restaurant | Twitter: @griner

  • Majority C: I would celebrate with you at home

Maybe you don’t like going out very much or parties and Jimin knows it, so he would order your favorite food, buy your favorite ice cream and I would celebrate with you at home, marathoning your favorite series or movies with lots of sweets, food and fried foods.

A marathon will be perfect to celebrate your birthday with Jimin | Twitter: @daintydraco

Celebrating a birthday with Jimin would surely be wonderful, any way to spend it with him would be full of fun.

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