BTS phrases for ARMY that will always brighten your days

The boys of BTS always show their love and appreciation for the immense support that ARMY stands for, what phrases have you dedicated to your fans? Prepare the tissues because these words are very powerful!

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Some experts who have analyzed the success and phenomenon that is BTS Today, they agree that the driving force behind and identifies them within the music industry is the reach of their fans, originating from all corners of the world.

ARMY It is an entire army that works as a team for a common goal which is to lead its favourite band to the horns of the Moon (which already are). The idols and his fandom They have a special connection that goes beyond any border and they have shown it.

On different occasions, the stars of Big Hit Entertainment they took their fans as inspiration to write letters, deliver global impact speeches and talk, resulting in cute phrases that power millions.

Here are some phrases from Bangtan Sonyeondan dedicated a ARMY that wore the close relationship of both, they are ideal to occupy them to add them to your photos on social networks or to read them every time the day paints badly and you will see that everything will improve.

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BTS phrases dedicated to ARMY that are inspiring for their fandom

If you ask me about my biggest motivation, of course I have to mention our fans. They do not ask for anything in return, they fully support us in everything.

There is no language barrier between you and me, between BTS and ARMY. We are above all those walls.

The members of the K-Pop band BTS. | Source Twitter @Karda_Bts

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It’s good to know that it’s okay when things go in the direction you don’t expect, because you can always start over. Keep calm, take the best option and continue.

When you are sad, when you feel bad, I will be by your side just shining for you.

In the midst of this difficulty, try to find a little happiness.

The K-Pop band BTS. | Source Twitter @agustdftt

I love you more than love, ARMY.

Even in the stuffy, closed practice room, it becomes heaven when we’re together. My heart is just as you know it, you are my love, that’s what I like.

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I always went to Weverse to comment and give strength to ARMY, but I realized that, in reality, I was the one who received the strength from them, so I began to write down the ARMY phrases in my notebook.

ARMY, you are our universe.

When will we meet again face to face? I’ll look you in the eye and tell you how much I missed you.

The K-Pop band BTS. | Source Twitter @Chockokrispiz

Thank you for being our fan, I am also your fan. That admirer who supports you silently with your loneliness and in other battles. I send you letters through in musical notes, I would like you to read that sound of me missing you.

I want to be sure that I can put a rug that can hug you, fill you with love and warmth

If there’s one thing I hope for, it’s that you never get hurt.

Even if we have hard times, that matters when we are happy

The K-Pop band BTS. | Source Twitter @btaigooo

A special thanks to our greatest voice: ARMY.

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