BTS: Photos of Taehyung where he looks iconic with dyed hair

The members of BTS are not afraid to take new risks, not only in their music, but also with their style and V has demonstrated it perfectly by wearing the most incredible hair dyes that fans absolutely loved. Proving that the idol looks good with whatever hair color he decides to wear and these photos prove it.

taehyung of bts is one of the members of the group who likes to try new Hairstyles and for a time he had the outfits crazier than fans still love completely. Which were the best?

Taehyung has used different hair styles in his career. // Source: Twitter @fairyprincejk

In the world of K-Pop, it is normal for idols to constantly change their hair style. BTS’s V is no exception, because on several occasions he used different hair styles that completely fell in love with his fans. These Photographs They show that any hair style suits her.

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Photos of BTS’s Taehyung with different hair colors

One of the best styles that Taehyung has used is blonde and his fans were completely enchanted with this era, where the idol proudly displayed his blond hair.

Taehyung with blonde hair on stage. // Source: Twitter @khvantesito

On the other hand, V did not stop there as he took a step further by trying to wear the hair of a deep red which completely fascinated his followers.

Taehyung from BTS with red hair. // Source: Twitter @levijjk

The idol did not stop there, because he was not going to stay with the desire to use the color contrary to red and the fans were quite excited to see Taehyung using the blue hair.

Taehyung with blue hair on stage. // Source: Twitter @levijjk

On the other hand, Taehyung completely fell in love with the fans when he decided to wear the hair pastel pinksince for them that style fit perfectly, as much as the previous ones.

Taehyung from BTS with pink hair. // Source: Twitter @BtsArmy25058935

Lastly, the idol has also decided to wear a more understated color and all the fans absolutely adored him when he had light brown hair. Which of all these is your favorite Taehyung look?

Taehyung from BTS with brown hair. // Source: Twitter @KTH_UK

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