BTS: My Universe has its own video game, what is it about?

The boys of BTS have released memorable songs this year, now you can have fun in front of the screen while listening to their collaboration with Coldplay in a game that has just been released.

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My Universe It was a collaboration really expected by the fans, for months suspicions arose again and again that led us to think that the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan would work with Coldplay, that hope came true and is now one of the favorite tunes of fans.

But the magic of collaboration goes further and now you can add fun to the experience while supporting the idols’ performance of HYBE, Do you want to know how? Here we tell you about a play that will catch you.

It turns out that Coldplay and Warner Music just released an online game that takes up the My Universe vibe, it’s called Supernova7 The best of all is that it is free and you can access it from some devices connected to the Internet.

How does Supernova7 work? the My Universe video game

The first thing you should do is enter the game site, click here for easy access. Now start by selecting one of the music alternatives that helps you enjoy this videogame.

Supernova7, the My Universe game. | Source: Warner Music Game

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The next step is to add the nickname with which you want to play, this will serve to distinguish your score from that of other players, because if you are one of the best, a table will appear that shows you who were more successful in the dynamics.

Then you select the character you want to use and click confirm, that is how you will begin to enter missions that will level up. The game gives you the instructions and objectives for each challenge and if you fail once you just have to try again.

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Supernova7, the My Universe game. | Source: Warner Music Game

My Universe game helps you stream BTS

Remember we mentioned the music alternatives in the game? You can select if you want the game to sync with your Spotify or Apple Music, so you can listen to your favorite songs while having fun.

Although there is also the possibility of playing without music, this could be an alternative for many BTS or Coldplay fans who wish to continue increasing the numbers of these groups on both music platforms.

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