BTS motivates fans to take college exam

BTS manages to inspire ARMY in many ways and this is why the group’s positive impact creates amazing actions, but idols also seek to motivate their fans with their studies.

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It is well known that BTS has a great positive impact on your fans, the idols of the boy band always inspire ARMY to do good deeds and illuminate their lives day by day with their song, presentations, as well as the personalities of the members and the charity events they carry out.

For all these reasons there is much to admire about Bangtan Sonyeondan and the great team that has made up his fandom, this is one of the largest in the world, spreading globally and demonstrating its great support and love for the members of Bangtan at all times.

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The love that ARMY send for the Bangtan Boys has always been well received and even reciprocated, the members of the idol group They are very grateful for all that their fans have done by their side and the great dreams, goals and achievements achieved thanks to their fanbase.

This is why they care about the fans they meet studying right now and they send them a great message to motivate them on these dates, since the university entrance exam is approaching in Korea; a very important step for youth.

BTS sends motivational message to ARMY who will take college exam

On November 18 in South Korea will be the exam known as’College Scholastic Ability Test‘ (BUCKLE), so BTS sent a message to motivate ARMY who is about to take it; through their official YouTube account, idols They remembered the moment when they had to take it, some of them 10 years ago.

The BTS members gave the students some tips on how to forget about their nerves and wished them luck, ending with ‘Fighting’ in unison by all the Bangtan boys.

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This is how Bangtan Sonyeondan sends his best wishes and vibes to ARMY in this crucial exam for South Korean students, idols know how difficult it can be and that sometimes your nerves betray you in this type of test, but there is nothing that their fans cannot do with all the motivation they provide.

Every year, BTS takes time to motivate students

In past years Bangtan Sonyeondan has already made these kinds of videos with a motivating message for their fans who will take the examen CSATIt is an important test and this is why all the inspiration is needed by the disciplined students who are still in high school.

ARMY will surely be able to pass this exam with the great motivation that BTS gives to the fandom and it does not matter that this message may be directed for the Korean test, because all over the world millions of students who are also fans seek to move forward and these warm messages they serve as motivation.

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