BTS: Jungkook will make you sigh with the poem he wrote as a child

Did you know that from a very young age Jungkook is an artist and writer of poems? This hidden facet was shared by the brother of the BTS star and even published an example of the sensitive talent of the Butter interpreter.

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There’s something that Jungkook do not know how to do? ARMY surely does not have the answer to this question, because throughout his 8-year career as an idol of BTS, has shown us that he is good at music, drawing and now we discover that also for children poems.

But don’t think he needs to be in love or in a relationship for his talents to flow, as his gift for writing poems has taken him from little and it is natural, his older brother has shared it that way.

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BTS’s Jungkook writes to the mountains in adorable poem, this is the translation

Through the Instagram of Jeon Jung Hyun (Jungkook’s brother), shared the image of a poem that he Golden Maknae of BTS wrote when he was 6 years old, get ready for a fit of cuteness and love.

The poem is named Yellow Mountain And as a short description, the singer’s older brother explained to his followers:

6-year-old Jungkook’s emotions … My heart is also relieved.

Yellow Mountain Poem by Jeon Jungkook:

The mountain that has been dyed yellow,

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The mountain that used to be green and also yellowish green

It has been dyed yellow

The street that also has ginkgo trees

It has been dyed yellow and my heart has also been relieved.

Owwww! Did you notice that sensitivity and all the details that Jungkook captured in his words? All BTS ARMYs who read the poem were fascinated by the facet of Writer of the singer.

Jungkook’s poem entitled Yellow Mountain. | Source Twitter @kooksmaniac

The artistic gifts that BTS’s Jungkook showed from a young age

But that did not stop with a poem and that’s it, because in addition to the surprising words that the nominee used GRAMMY 2022, he still had the luxury of decorating the little leaf of his poem with the colors he mentioned.

Jungkook from BTS. | Source Twitter @kooliights

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