BTS: Jungkook is the most loving and responsible father, Bam knows it

BTS’s Golden Maknae is a great star who captures the hearts of all fans with his cute actions with his teammates and with Bam, his dog is one of the luckiest and he has not hesitated to boast that his owner is the best.

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Jungkook from BTS is always on the lookout for all care and special needs of BamIt is your pet that has a lot of energy, it is a puppy and for this stage it is essential to explore the world with its owner.

There is already much evidence we have about what loving and protector that he Golden Maknae is with his Doberman puppy, has now conquered ARMY with his gestures towards Bam, who is undoubtedly very spoiled. Owww!

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Jungkook and Bam are adorable, why is the idol the best owner?

Recently, stills and images of In The Soop 2 were revealed where Jungkook and Bam spent the best moments together, there was no better set for both than the outdoors and the villa that the idols inhabited during the series.

Taking care of your skin and teeth is important, that’s why Jungkook and Bam have their sessions together to always look incredible, while the star used a mask to have a smooth face, took the opportunity to clean the teeth of his friend, who at all times was kept still and very focused.

  • BTS’s Jungkook and Bam taking care of his skin and teeth. | Source Twitter @jmygmochis

Another proof that BTS’s lead singer is the best ‘dad‘is that in a different segment, while Jungkook was resting next to Bam, the little dog gave him a kiss on the cheek and although he left a little saliva on his owner, the idol’s cheerful face expressed his deep love. Owwwww!

  • BTS’s Jungkook and Bam will steal your heart. | Source Twitter @beginlatte

What other actions of Jungkook show that he is an excellent owner for Bam?

There is no doubt of the enormous heart of the interpreter of Permission To DanceEven when he introduced Bam, netizens gave him thousands of applause for not submitting the puppy to surgery to cut his ears and tail, the gesture he also showed his I respect and love by his fellow adventurer.

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