BTS: Jin worried ARMY with his new army photo, did he lose weight?

A month into his military enlistment, some fans find BTS’s Jin looks thinner, especially after the latest photo shared of the idol with his squad.

Jin of BTS is currently in the army to meet your Military service mandatory, which all Korean men usually take. Due to this, the idol will enter a hiatus of approximately two years and his updates will be very few.

BTS’s Jin in his new army photo. // Source: Twitter @boybe_myth

In the new photo of the interpreter of The Astronaut, many fans believe that the idol looks thinnerAlthough there are divided opinions about it, ARMY hopes that the idol is eating well and having a good time in the army.

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In the new photo of Jin from BTS in the army he looks thinner

A few hours ago, a new photo of Jin from BTS in the army was shared, in which the idol is seen sitting with his training partners on some stairs. Although ARMY was excited to see the photo, she also got a little worried.

BTS’s Jin with his training partners. // Source: Twitter @baeurfavj

The reason why ARMY got worried is because they consider that Jin it looks thinner, hinting that the line of his chin is marked even more. In this photo you can see a close up of the idol’s face.

BTS’s Jin looks slimmer in the army. // Source: Twitter @baeurfavj

Adding to their concern, ARMY couldn’t help but mention that they consider the idol to look more masculine and mature, praising the idol’s attractiveness. Do you think it looks thinner?

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When will BTS’s Jin be discharged from the Military?

BTS Jin’s Military Service Will End On June 12, 2024, a day before the group’s anniversary, news that made ARMY quite excited when they found out the date of the end of time in the army. Have you already marked it on your calendar?

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