BTS: Jin encouraged J-Hope for his show at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with a call

Although Jin is in his military service, he did not forget to give all his encouragement and support to J-.Hope who was in the US for his performance at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

We know that members of bts not only do they have an employment relationship, these idols They have formed a great family that has shown their love and support at all times. During 2022 we witnessed the way in which all of them show the great love they have for each other.

First everyone supported our dear jung hoseok who was first a member of bangtan sonyeondan which in 2022 released its own music. For ‘Jack In The Box’ this artist received a lot of support from his bandmates who visited him while he was filming his MVs, shared his music on Instagram stories and even accompanied him to Lollapalooza where he had his first solo performance and headliner.

jhope really got all the love from its members and also from army. They were all very supportive of the rapper and we know he couldn’t have been more than happy to have them around. To close out the year, Hobi still performed at a couple of very big events; We first saw him with a great performance at the 2022 MAMA.

And to really cap off 2022, J-Hope had a special performance in Times Square, the BTS idol traveled to the US for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and actually Jin took the time to show your support and animate him for this show, how did he do it?

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Jin surprised J-Hope with a cheer call for his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show

J-Hope recounted in his live on Weverse that Jin sent him a message telling him to answer his callafter that he was finally able to talk to seokjin who only spoke to him to cheer him up and show his support for his show at New Year’s Rockin Eve. Even though the oldest member of BTS is serving his military service, he took the time to show his love to Hobi in this way.

For J-Hope it was very nice to hear his hyung’s voice, it was an emotional moment for him to call him to give him his support. It’s really cute, we know that even though Jinnie is in the army, he will still support the other members of it.

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ARMY was glad that Jin can keep in touch with BTS since the military service

Knowing about Jin’s call to J-Hope, this made Jin happy. army Well, we were able to realize that even though Jin is in his military service, he may be in contact with the other BTS idols. So at least the members won’t miss him as much, nor Jinnie the others.

Not even military service will separate BTS | Twitter: @jadesjeon

We are very glad that BTS is still in contact even though they have to be in different activities, nor will military service separate these idols.

Keep reading more about BTS and their achievements, in 2022 they were the group with the most streaming on various digital platforms.

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