BTS: Jimin’s best outfits with which he has conquered ARMY

Jimin is not only a talented artist, he is also the perfect model with his best outfits, he has managed to win over BTS fans once again with some of his outfits.

bts is a K-Pop group with a great impact, the popularity of this idol group in music has made them also have influence and work in fields outside of this art. This is why we see Bangtan idols in collaborations mainly in the world of music. fashion.

Some of the members of bangtan sonyeondan They have become official models and ambassadors for various fashion houses such as Valentino, Dior or Louis Vuitton. And it is the style of these artists is also something that we can highlight. This time we will focus on our beloved park jimin.

Jimin He is not only one of the talented vocalists of BTS, he is also a very handsome, attractive idol with a style special. We know that he has become the king of sold out multiple times since he manages to sell out the clothes and accessories that he usually wears.

But what kind of clothes suits Mochi the best? He has tried different styles throughout his career, but there are outfits that remained tattooed in the mind of army forever, the BTS fandom loved some of the outfits of this idol that we will highlight right now.

8 outfits with which Jimin from BTS has looked perfect for ARMY

Even though it’s not released yet ‘FACE’ (unless you’re reading this after March 24, 2023, then it’s already released), Jimin’s solo album, we’ve already seen some previews of the outfits he wore for his concept and there’s one in particular that stole my heart from ARMY. Jimin looks really good in this black suit that has special touches thanks to its accessories that are a chain and a belt.

For one of BTS’s most recent photo shoots with GQ KoreaThey all wore various Louis Vuitton outfits. But Jimin’s drew a lot of attention because it fits him perfectly, he looked very good because of the color, the high neck and more than that he really conquered ARMY.

When Jimin was introduced as an ambassador of Dior, a truly great photo shoot was released that ARMY still hasn’t surpassed,. Although the diol wore various outfits in these photos, we highlight this one where he wore a jean jacket that looked great on him.

This Jimin outfit was really hot, ARMY loved it perhaps because of the lack of clothes instead of the use of it. We like the jacket that the idol has in this outfit but perhaps the best thing is that she has nothing under it, so you can see her chest and abs that fans love to look at. This was the photo shoot for Weverse Magazine.

In the 2021 issue of Weverse Magazine, Jimin was wearing a T-shirt from Kollapsalthough it is not all that shines in the outfit, he looks great with his distressed shorts and boots that gave a special touch to his outfit in general.

With some of Jimin’s concert outfits, the BTS idol has really looked ethereal. As in this white color with which he looks as if he were an angel.

In general, ARMY love it when Jimin wears a Beret with their outfits and there are many iconic outfits from the gone wearing this little hat. But here we highlight this one because it goes perfectly with the rest of his clothes.

Jimin is very versatile in his style and way of dressing, he can look sexy or also cute. The latter especially happens when he is wearing oversized clothes with which he looks cuter than usual.

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