BTS is ready to fly to America and meet with ARMY

The joys keep coming for BTS fans, J-Hope revealed some details of how he enlisted to temporarily leave Korea and embark on his journey to the United States, what does he plan to do?

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While ARMY from the American continent waits with excitement for the return of idols to this side of the world, the members of BTS They are also finishing up the last details before gleefully setting off to perform on various stages.

Recently, J-Hope He appeared on Weverse and chatted with his fans, so some lucky ones got their questions answered and a direct interaction with the singer.

It was so that he revealed that tomorrow they will travel to the United States, but although everything may seem exciting about this new adventure, this idol confessed that he had not packed yet because just thinking that he should do so was starting to feel tired. LOL!

Later when they asked what he was doing, Hoseok He showed that he had put to work to attend to that earring, as he said he was preparing for the trip he was about to do with his fellow Bangtan Sonyeondan.

Why is BTS traveling to the United States?

The idols from HYBE they have some scheduled concerts that will mark his reunion with ARMYWell, although they have given several musical shows in these months where massive shows were not possible, in all cases they were online concerts.

Now the interpreters of Permission To Dance They will return to the United States to give concerts and performances that will undoubtedly make the hearts of their fans happy.

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J-Hope with white hair is in the idol’s memories

Among the questions the idol received, he was also asked about what he wanted to do when he arrived at his next destination and he joked asking if he should go shopping, but in the end he said that what he is most excited about is seeing his fans.

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J-Hope with white hair. | Weverse

Before leaving the online platform, J-Hope posted a photo of his white hair and announced to ARMY that he would now finish packing, so in the meantime he shared a souvenir image and wished them good night.

Are you excited for BTS to return to America? Surely their trip will be full of surprises just like last time, but best of all, the idol group will sing again in front of their fans.

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