BTS: Individual photos from Yet to Come promotions

Despite not attending the live shows, BTS recorded several performances for music shows like M Countdown, Music Bank, and Inkigayo to promote Proof with performances by Yet to Come and For Youth. In addition to that, Big Hit revealed individual photos of the members prior to the recordings that fascinated ARMY. Have you seen them?

bts has been featured in musical shows to promote his new compilation album Proof and recently released individual photographs of program promotions. This is how the members looked.

BTS at a music show. // Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

ARMY is happy to see BTS back on music shows, as it had been almost two years since they last performed on these types of shows. Although, unlike other years that stayed to live broadcasts, the idols were limited to recording their performances for each program.

However, that was not an impediment for their fans to enjoy each of the materials that BTS gave them in these new and iconic presentations of Yet to Come and For Youth. And they loved the photos recently revealed by their company even more.

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Exclusive photos of BTS in the recordings of music shows

Big Hit Entertainment revealed new individual photos of BTS, which are from the group’s recordings of their promotions at South Korean music shows. In these photos, each member shows off her charms by doing different poses or just smiling at the camera. Can you guess which presentation each costume belongs to?

RM decided to take an adorable photo of his face with a gentle smile, showing off his trademark dimple with a flirtatious wink at the camera. Not forgetting the famous ‘peace’ pose.

RM in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

The Worldwide Handsome smiled calmly at the camera while with his hands he showed the sign of the heart by joining his index finger and his thumb, with the camera a little further away from his face.

Jin in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

J-Hope looked quite relaxed in a beach outfit and straw hat, smiling friendly at the camera as he waved a ‘peace’ sign on his hands.

J-Hope in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

Suga looked quite attractive just smiling at the camera. She reaching into her pocket as a rogue strand of hair parted from her coiffure.

Suga in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

Jimin appears quite relaxed in a see-through knitted shirt as he gazes at the camera with a subtle smile in his charming selfie.

Jimin in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

Taehyung took a picture a bit further away than the rest, sitting on a black sofa with his hand covering much of the photo as he makes the ‘peace’ sign and smiles at the camera.

Taehyung in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

Last but not least, Jungkook appears adorably pouting his lips while making an inverted ‘V’ with his fingers, taking a rather funny picture. Who did you like the most?

Jungkook in music show. // Source: Twitter @mygdear

In other news, KCMA asked BTS to reconsider their break from music, why did this bother ARMY?

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