BTS in the Rose of Guadalupe, ARMY memes were the best

One of the boy bands that has caused the most impact in recent years is Bangtan Sonyeondan. Which, due to its great popularity, continues to be mentioned in dozens of programs both in South Korea and in the world. And his most recent mention amused ARMY from Latin America, who couldn’t stop laughing when BTS was mentioned in La Rosa de Guadalupe.

bts beside Jungkook they had a mention in the famous Mexican program The Rose of Guadalupe. Causing great fun in the Latin fandom that did not take long to create memes about the episode. Especially from Jungkook.

BTS was mentioned in La Rosa de Guadalupe. // Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

Both BTS and ARMY have a great sense of humor and don’t hesitate to use their creativity every update from their favorite group. The most recent was his mention in La Rosa de Guadalupe. Event that started several laughs among the fans and they did not hesitate to make their own.

BTS has consistently received mentions on all kinds of shows, from dramas like Our Blues and My Liberation Notes, to high-demand Mexican shows like La Rosa de Guadalupe. How did ARMY react to the mention of BTS on the show?

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The best BTS memes in La Rosa de Guadalupe made by ARMY

ARMY always shows his great sense of humor through very funny memes. And the appearance of BTS in the popular Mexican program La Rosa de Guadalupe would not be the exception. So it didn’t take long to fill the networks with funny messages about it.

For many followers, they were sure that Jungkook would certainly not like too much to have a dog named after him. Which is why they made this funny meme.

BTS meme by the Rose of Guadalupe. // Source: Twitter @Martha_S_7

On the other hand, they also assured that the views of the Rosa de Guadalupe chapters would surely increase considerably after putting Jungkook on the dog.

BTS meme by the Rose of Guadalupe. // Source: Twitter @RML0GI4

Although La Rosa de Guadalupe is not the type of content that many BTS fans like to consume, they did not hesitate to mention that they would watch the chapter just because their favorite group was mentioned in it.

BTS meme by the Rose of Guadalupe. // Source: Twitter @RuthMon29

Other fans mentioned that Suga had already given the spoiler that the group would appear on the show wearing a flashy sweatshirt that included an illustration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

BTS meme by the Rose of Guadalupe. // Source: Twitter @gabiiCabreraa

Hope is what dies last and this ARMY is sure that the fact that BTS was mentioned in an episode of La Rosa de Guadalupe means that BTS will have a concert in Mexico this year. Do you think ARMY will see a white rose this year?

BTS meme by the Rose of Guadalupe. // Source: Twitter @Yamix_29

In other news, BTS revealed the tracklist for the third album that will be part of their new album ‘Proof’, have you seen what songs it will include?

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