BTS in “La Rosa de Guadalupe”: How was the appearance of the K-Pop group in the successful series?

“The Rose of Guadeloupe” is one of the best-known Mexican series in Spanish, so any surprise appearance is usually highly commented on by fans. This time, the ARMY celebrated that bts He had a special cameo in the telenovela.

It all happened in episode 1727 of “La Rosa de Guadalupe”, where the girl protagonist of the story presented her puppy named “Jungkook”, named after the Korean idol who is part of the BTS group. There was also a poster of the singer in Rosalba’s room.

Also, in one of the opening scenes of the episode, little Rosalba refers to her “BTS boyfriends” during a conversation at school. Although all the members of the K-Pop group appeared in cell phone images, Jungkook and Jin stood out.

As expected, ARMY was quick to celebrate the appearance of BTS in one of the most successful series in the world. Through and Twitter, various users turned the K-Pop group into a trend.

It should be noted that the story was focused on the experiences of little Rosalba; however, the appearance of BTS allowed fans to feel identified with the narrative of the series.


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