BTS: How many mixtapes does Suga have? His Musical Side as Agust D

Do you know all the facets of this HYBE idol? Suga has shown his creativity and musical versatility, even releasing solo record materials.

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If you are a fan of BTSYou probably already know how many members of the group get involved in the preparations for each album, creating melodies, lyrics and even participating in the plans of what kind of concept they should present.

When you interpret them from Dynamite they meet and share ideas the result always exceeds expectations and that is why we see them breaking records time and time again. However, this is possible because each one has different visions but with the same objective.

That is why sometimes these idols They also choose to share songs individually or in collaboration with other artists, so we can learn more about the musical talent they have while they delve into other styles or simply prepare very personal songs.

Agust D it’s the way Suck has been released while launching mixtapes solistasIn this way, he separates his songs as an idol and a member of BTS from those that are only according to his style.

BTS’s Suga as Agust D. | Source: Instagram @suga_bighitentertainment

Suga: The first mixtape by Agust D

Total, Suga has released two solo mixtapes of 10 songs each.. The first of them is a self-titled EP, that is, it also bears the title of Agust D, it was released in 2016 and on the tracklist we find collaborations with DJ Friz, Yankie and SURAN.

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The songs on this mixtape are:

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  • Intro ; Dt sugA
  • Agust D
  • Give It To Me
  • Skit
  • 724148
  • 140503 At Dawn
  • The Last
  • Tony Montana
  • Interlude; Dream, Reality
  • So Far Away

D-2, Suga’s second solo mixtape

It took about four years for Agust D to present a new record material and due to the success of the first the expectation grew, as well as the good results obtained by the songs.

D-2 It was released on May 20, 2020, repeating the trend of including 10 tracks where again there were collaborations, this time with NiiHWA, Kim Jong Wan and even RM. The tracklist for this mixtape includes:

  • Moonlight
  • Daechwita
  • What Do You Think?
  • Strange
  • 28
  • Burn It
  • People
  • Honsool
  • Interlude: Set me free
  • Dear my Friend

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