BTS has the best friendship songs to dedicate to your BFF

Bangtan Sonyeondan always has the best songs for ARMY and there are many that talk about friendship and that we can freely dedicate to our greatest friends, what are they?

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Through their songs, the members of BTS They have managed to conquer millions of fans, this is their form of expression where they have not only dedicated themselves to sending messages of hope, love and others for their fans, but they have also shared a lot of themselves in each composition.

All members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have active participation in the writing, composition and production of their own tracksFor some time we can have more of the essence of each of these artists in the music of the boy band.

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In many of his songs, Bangtan has captured more of each of their idols, as well as the long friendship that many of them have had and they are perfect to also show some of our best friends how much we appreciate it.

Here we have some of the bts songs that talk about friendship and you will be able to express more to your BFF through a beautiful composition that you will surely love.

5 BTS songs that talk about friendship

Jimin and Taehyung did ‘Friends’ Based on the friendship that both BTS idols have, this is why if you have someone who has lived many experiences with you and has supported you in your most difficult moments, you can dedicate this song to them.

‘You Never Walk Alone’ It’s a BTS song found on the album of the same name, it was released in 2017 and it’s totally about being next to someone no matter the conditions, so it’s perfect to dedicate to your bestie.

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Suga and J-Hope made this song that represents their friendship very well, maybe it is perfect to dedicate to someone who is totally opposite to you and even so they are best friends, well ‘Otsukare Samadashita’ represents that this is how Yoongi and Hoseok are; In addition to giving encouragement to your friend if he is tired from study or work.

‘Good Day’ Bangtan Sonyeondan talks about a relationship that you spend a lot of time with, that they may have problems but they always manage to fix them, and that fun is never lacking when they are side by side, so you can dedicate it to someone with whom you have a special friendship.

In ‘Spring Day’ Perhaps we find a perfect story for long distance friendships or for those people who have not been able to see each other in a long time, as it talks about the hope of seeing a friend that you miss a lot again.

Now you can dedicate to your bestie the best song according to their relationship, which of these was your favorite? There are many BTS songs that we can enjoy.

Here we leave you Jungkook’s musical recommendations for you to add to your playlist, the idol has the best tastes.

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