BTS has fun at the expense of RM and his haircut, how did he look?

The creativity of the BTS idols is not only in their music, but we also find it in their daily coexistence and way of joking, this time RM and his haircut caused a lot of laughs.

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The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan They have shared more than 8 years together, since they were trainees they had great experiences and together they have crossed any obstacle, making their relationship and going from being friends to one family complete.

This is why we know that the idols of BTS they get along very well, their beautiful interactions show us the great affection they have for each other and even with jokes and games is also visible confidence and other elements of your great friendship.

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So sometimes we can see that Bangtan Boys jokes are played between colleagues, although it is always without the intention of offending and have fun with others and make laugh ARMY who is always on the lookout for all the content of his favorite group.

This time, the creativity of Bangtan is put to the test with the funniest comments about the haircut from RMWhat was it that caused so much laughter about your style? Her hair had all kinds of comparisons.

RM’s hair causes laughter and jokes from fellow BTS members

In the special content of ‘BTS In The Soop’, ARMY was able to see the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan react and comment on some of the scenes we saw in this hilarious Program that starred the idols, at one point the image of Namjoon with a hair style something unexpected.

The jokes and laughs they did not wait, the same bts leader asked ‘Who took a knife to cut my hair?’, Jin told him that there was a path in his hair and Suck commented that it was for sowing wheat, LOL, so they had a bit of fun for this unusual hairstyle in RM.

  • BTS having fun because of RM’s hair | Twitter: @onlybtsonlyarmy

The RM haircut It generated great laughter from his teammates and even he accepted that that cut looked a bit strange.

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This is what BTS’s RM looked like with the haircut that caused laughter

There are MRI photographs in In The Soop that let us see a little more detail how it looked with this cut of hair That caused a lot of laughter from ARMY and her bandmates, maybe the morning style of her hair was what made her look so funny.

RM y V en BTS In The Soop | Twitter: @ARMY_forevere_

RM’s hair a bit messy | Twitter: @BtsSuporte

The mr hair looked a bit messy for a few chapters of BTS In The Soop 2, but the laughter was not lacking and all this the idol take it in the best way, it was a lot of fun.

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