BTS fell in love with ARMY with Yet to Come and For Youth on Music Bank

Despite being pre-recorded performances, BTS continues to touch the hearts of thousands on the music shows they appear on. ARMY could not hide their excitement to see them appear on Music Bank, where they presented two of their new songs to promote Proof and meet their fans again.

bts reappeared in the Music Bank after two years of absence from Korean music shows. As part of their promotions for Proof, the idols presented Yet to Come Y ForYouthtwo of his new songs.

BTS posing on the stairs of the Music Bank. // Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

Although it has been a while since they last performed on a Korean music show, after their success abroad with music entirely in English, BTS returned to their origins and performed on a music show like most K artists. -Pop usually make each of their comebacks.

Not only did they reminisce about their beginnings, they also had a chance to meet up with K-Army before taking a break from their group activities and starting to focus on their solo careers. How did you experience the presentations of BTS in Music Bank?

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BTS presented Yet to Come and For Youth for ARMY on Music Bank

For their return to Music Bank, BTS prepared Yet to Come and For Youth, two of the new songs from their Proof compilation album. Completely exciting his followers. Despite the fact that there had been talk of a possible ban on the initial 30 seconds of For Youth, during his presentation, the seconds could be heard, accompanied by the voice of ARMY who came to support BTS.

The first song they presented on the show was ForYouth and although for a moment ARMY sang the initial 30 seconds of the song, then they concentrated on singing the fanchant of the song. In turn, before the curtain that covered BTS fell, scenes of the boys’ faces could be seen while they listened to ARMY sing, you can see the presentation here:

The next presentation was Yet to Come, the lead single from Proof. The excitement on the boys’ faces was great as they walked out on stage, probably because it was the first time they had heard the K-Army’s screams in a long time. Since their last concerts in South Korea, it was strictly forbidden to shout or sing due to the health measures established by the Covid-19. However, at Music Bank they were able to hear their fans screaming with excitement and their fanchants again. You can see his presentation here:

Lastly, BTS couldn’t help but play with their ending fairy and each one was asked to make a funny movement that will identify them. To later have a little chat with ARMY. During the talk, the members confessed to feeling nervous when performing again in front of ARMY, because their fans are like their family and they couldn’t help but feel excited and nervous to meet again. You can see her ending fairy here:

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BTS Takes Their 3rd Music Bank Win With Yet To Come

Once again there was a BTS vs. BTS. On that occasion, despite not being one of his new songs, the songs that competed were Yet to Come against Butter, another of the songs from his compilation album. In the end, Yet to Come was the big winner and they took their third trophy to home.

Since the group did not perform live, he did not get a chance to give an acceptance speech. But through Twitter they thanked their followers for all the support and for their third victory. You can see the moment they won here:

In other news, Taehyung is already preparing his solo album, what is known so far?

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