BTS: Dynamite curiosities that reflect the success of the song

One of the most successful songs of BTS is Dynamite, not only because everyone knows its rhythm and its verses, but also because of the achievements it obtained and the great experiences BTS had with this melody. Do you know everything about this track?

A little over two years ago, BTS released a single with lyrics entirely in English named after Dynamitethe song made fans from different countries sing and dance, but the melody even conquered the general public.

The song was accompanied by a colorful music video where the 7 members of the K-Pop group had a blast, but both the MV as the song of bts they became a phenomenon of popularity since their release.

Although many other successful BTS songs have come after Dynamite, this track left its mark and that is why we remember its great impact with some curiosities about the achievements of bangtan sonyeondan in that era.

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BTS: Facts you didn’t know about Dynamite’s great impact around the world

  • UN Director General applauded the impact of Dynamite

BTS confessed that they wanted to energize their fans in difficult times, as Dynamite’s premiere occurred when the 2021 isolation was stricter. Its success caused even Tedros Adhanom, the director general of the UN to speak on this tune.

The great impact of Dynamite, BTS song. | Source: Twitter @seokmoonskj_

  • BTS ate on their Spoyify plaque for the success of Dynamite

Spotify usually gives a special plaque for artists with melodies with more than a billion streams, BTS received this popular award thanks to Dynamite and the recognition came to their hands during March 2022. It is common for artists to use this plaque to celebrate eating about her and HYBE idols followed this tradition.

Spotify plaque for BTS by Dynamite. | Source: Twitter @eternalsjeon

  • BTS’s Dynamite was part of a space mission

Dynamite arrived in space as part of a South Korean project. During August 2022, that country launched its first space orbiter, one of the first tests they had to do there was to ensure the operation and use of the Internet, for which it was announced that they would verify this detail by sending the BTS MV from the Moon to Earth. .

BTS’s Dynamite hits. | Source: Twitter @bts_bighit

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  • BTS got a Guinness World Record for Dynamite

The successful sales achieved by Dynamite gave BTS a very special mark, as the Guinness certified the group after the track spent 18 weeks at number 1 in digital sales according to Billboard.

  • Dynamite’s MV has racked up millions of views

Until February 15, 2022, Dynamite’s MV has 1,596 million views on YouTube, this just over two years after its premiere. WOW!

  • Dynamite was nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards

BTS has been nominated for the Grammy Awards for three years in a row, but Dynamite gave the group their first, when they competed in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category. Although the idols did not win this recognition, they did present the song with a pre-recorded show for the ceremony.

  • All BTS performances performing Dynamite

This song is one of the ones that BTS has presented on more occasions for programs and awards around the world. Idols performed at shows like Tokopedia, GRAMMYs Music in a Mission, 2020 Musican FNS Festival, Billboard Music Awards, A Tyiny Desk, and many more.

BTS before a Dynamite performance. | Source: Twitter @popo_txt

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