BTS describes the characters of 7 Fates: Chakho and his qualities

One of the most anticipated projects of BTS for this year is the story of 7 Fates: Chakho, now you can learn more about the origin and history of each of the characters.

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As we get closer to the official launch date of this project, we have not only gotten to know a bit of the story embodied in the webtoon, but also some glimpses of what the characters that take up the image of the guys from BTS.

However, we must recognize that the curiosity to know more about the plot increases every moment and that is why it is so special that little by little more qualities of the idols are revealed within their facet in 7 Fates: Chakho.

Fantasy, adventure and excitement come together in a story about destiny, but what will each of the characters of the BTS guys? Today you can find out.

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BTS in 7 Fates: Chakho, the qualities of each character in the webtoon

Let’s start with the character of the Golden Maknae, Jungkook He will bear the name of Zeha and will be a boy half human and half tiger, because of this, he has the appearance of a normal person but also the power of the tiger.

RM It will be Dogeon, his role stands out for having extensive knowledge in the handling of weapons of all kinds, but he is also an expert in crimes. OMG! Jooan is the character of Taehyung and his story will show us a forbidden love, how will that be possible? Apparently he will be an enemy of the tigers, but that will not be able to prevent him from falling in love with someone of that species.

Suck It will be Cein and his character is a survivor of an attack by the tigers, that episode in his life left consequences for him and we can learn more about it in the story. Similarly Hwan, the character of JinHe has a bad record with the tigers, because although he used to be an archer, he lost all his loved ones in an attack.

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The story of Jimin It is also very interesting, it will play Haru, who was the guardian of the rock that functioned as a door between the human world and that of the tigers, however now he no longer has that position and has become a human.

In the webtoon, J-Hope will play Hosu, previously he was taken by a tiger and had to do something terrible to survive, what could it be? They also make him stand out his golden eyes that are difficult to ignore.

Find out more details of what we will see in the new BTS story, here we tell you everything you need to know.

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