BTS: Curiosities behind Bad Decisions, the new collaboration

If the beat of Bad Decisions has already taken over your playlist, you will definitely want to find out all the details behind the song, learn some interesting details of the MV and stories of how the collaboration of BTS was enlisted.

Just a few hours ago, we witnessed the premiere of a new song in the BTS musical repertoire, but this time it is a collaboration where they participated v, Jin, Jimin Y Jungkookis about Bad Decisions.

As a good ARMY, surely you have already heard this song where K-Pop idols and members of bts they joined benny white Y Snoop Doggthe story of the MV is very funny, while the rhythm of the melody is irresistible.

But now we tell you some fun facts about the preparations that took place before releasing Bad Decisions, as well as how successful the song has been.

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Interesting Bad Decisions Facts Every ARMY Should Know


  • Benny Blanco is the protagonist of the music video, this singer recreated Jimin’s look in Dynamite and chose it as the ‘ideal look’ to go to a BTS concert. AWW!
  • Although the music video tells the story of a fan getting ready to arrive at the BTS concert, in real life Benny Blanco did see the K-Pop idols live recently, he saw them at one of their Permission To perform. Dance On Stage and even took a photo with them.
  • Dynamite’s retro-style dance moves are also part of the MV, appearing in the scene where Benny Blanco is in what appears to be a karaoke room and clips of the idols appearing on the screen.

  • Bad Decisions reached number 1 on iTunes in the United States, beating other songs on the popularity chart such as Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, the MV also reached number one on that app.
  • Benny confessed that the song with BTS and Snoop Dogg took more than a year to be ready for release, that explains why there had been rumors of a BTS collaboration with the rapper for a long time, but the recording of the melody took place. out in March 2022.

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  • Hours before the premiere, Benny Blanco announced that he hid a USB with the song in a Los Angeles site and invited fans to find out where it was. Later he gave the precise coordinates of this site and shared good times with the ARMYs who arrived at the place.
  • Despite the fact that it is a collaborative single, Bad Decisions was available for sale in CD format and also with cassettes that many fans wanted to add to their collection.
  • The track where Snoop Dogg, BTS and Benny Blanco worked together became number 1 in worldwide YouTube trends, currently with almost 10 million views.

In more news, we tell you what the lyrics of Bad Decision say when you translate it into Spanish, you will surely love it.

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