BTS and Coldplay’s “My Universe”: the true meaning of the song

What is it about “My Universe“? The BTS and Coldplay song was one of the musical events of 2021, because it was the union of two internationally recognized bands. The collaboration was well celebrated by ARMY and fans of the Chris Martin-led band. But few have understood the message that the song brings, so Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, along with Martin, gave their views on the composition.

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My Universe” (“Mi Universe”) Was released on September 24 as part of the second single from the new album by the British grouping, “Music of the Spheres”.

The issue was already giving something to talk about, even before it was officially announced. Rumors of a collaboration between the iconic bands amazed fans around the world world.

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But there were already some tracks prior to the release of the collaboration, such as BTS’s cover of the song “Fix You”On an MTV Unplugged. It was also learned that Martin did an interview with the celebrities of the K-Pop. So the appearance of “My Universe” ended up being the maximum fulfillment of the expectations of the fans of both groups.

The first reality show in which the BTS participated was “Rookie King,” a variety show that aired in September 2013 (Photo: Jung Yeon-je / AFP)


The meaning of “My Universe”, the collaboration between BTS y Coldplay, it changes according to each member of the bands. For instance, V said it talks about the act of creating something together. “For that reason Chris came here personally and recorded with us. I really loved the theme ‘not alone but together‘”He said in the documentary“Coldplay X BTS Inside ‘My Universe’”.

While for Suga y J-HopeIt has more to do with how people create their own universe. “At the end of the day, he’s trying to say ‘You are the one who created my universe.’explained the second. While Suck noted that it is “the universe created by you and me. It is in line with the messages that we have wanted to convey”.

Chris Martin, meanwhile, he elaborated more on what it is about “My Universe”. “The song is about how the power of love transcends all things, borders and rules, genders, race and all sexuality. (…) On how nothing can really stop people from loving each other “, indicated in the aforementioned documentary film.


BTS is worth over $ 36 billion a year, according to a study by the Institute of Hyundai Research, published in the South China Morning Post. And is that the boy band It’s more than a K-pop group for the economy of South Korea because they represent a lot of money for the big firms in the music industry.

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The South Korean band made their fortune through their music, sales of albums, concerts, commodity and sponsorships. Despite singing primarily in Korean, BTS is one of the most influential and popular music groups in the world. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold.


If someone wants to hire them for a private concert or for their birthday party, they should take into account that the cost is high considering that during their presentations in different parts of the world the venues are completely filled.

Thus, according to Korean media, in 2017, the group BTS It had a cost of 900 million won, which is equivalent to about 800 thousand dollars.

But the price did not stop there, because shortly after the figure would increase to a trillion won; that is, 929 thousand dollars, although due to their fame they exceeded one million dollars.

Therefore, if someone wants the seven young people to perform a private concert, they will have to pay the sum of between 1.3 to 5 million dollars to be able to hire them.

Not only that, well, the company must be paid in advance BigHit. As part of the cost, payment to the entire staff team that travels with them is included, as well as security members, audio engineers, managers, stylists, among others.

Coldplay and BTS in the video for the song “My Universe”.  (Photo: Video Capture / Coldplay)
Coldplay and BTS in the video for the song “My Universe”. (Photo: Video Capture / Coldplay)


The mysterious woman who has been instrumental in the creation of the albums of BTS and has delighted with his voice in various songs is none other than Park Soo Hyun, better known as Adora. The young Korean artist is a songwriter and, since 2016, is the only female producer in Big Hit, being secluded through audition “2016 Next New Creator”.


While “No more dream” was the single with which BTS debuted in 2013, “NOIt almost became the last song for the band consisting of V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Jimin and J-Hope.

The BigHit agency was about to go bankrupt, but their CEO Bang Si Hyuk decided to trust and bet on them, who were supposed to be a rap group. After the release of their first mini album “-O! RUL8,2? ”, Whose main theme was“ NO ”, the possibility of dissolving the group arose.

Due to a severe financial crisis, BigHit could not bear the cost of a K-Pop group, so he considered dissolving the band and offered to RM pursue a solo career. However, he did not abandon his companions. Thanks to the decision of their leader, BTS was saved to the joy of ARMY.

According to El Heraldo de México, the group even had to bear the cost of the extras that appeared in their music videos, and they ate in a simple and small restaurant to reduce expenses.

Even Jin took things from home to help his peers during their apprenticeship years. But over time they achieved world fame and managed to accumulate many successes thanks to their songs.


V is who could be part of season 2 of “The Squid Game”, in the event that a new installment of the popular series of Netflix created by Dong-hyuk.

The followers of BTS have commented that V would be interested in being in the cast of South Korean fiction and that, at the concert “Permission To Dance: On Stage“, He would have said it in some way when imitating Oh Il-nam, the old man with a brain tumor that shocked the public.

In this way, more than one fan of the group of Big Hit has thought that Kim Tae Hyung would be perfect for donning one of the green uniforms, grabbing a number, and playing a desperate gamer who wants to hit the jackpot prize. 45.6 billion won.

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