Btp Italia, with the anti-inflation government bond the Treasury collects 9.4 billion. The guaranteed minimum rate is 1.6%

The treasure placed over 9.4 billion of the new Btp Italy expiring in June 2030. During the first phase of placement, dedicated to retail investors, 211,432 contracts were concluded for a value of 7.26 billion. In the second phase reserved for the institutions, 238 membership proposals were received for 2.18 billion. The guaranteed minimum rate of the “anti inflation” title is confirmed in Annex1.6%, paid in two half-yearly coupons, recalls the Ministry of Economy. A double is expected loyalty bonus of the total value of 1% of the invested capital for the saver who purchases upon issue and holds the security until maturity.

This was the seventeenth edition of the instrument indexed to the trend of the price index. In 10 years, 192 billion euros have been invested in Btp Italia and Btp Futura, a title dedicated exclusively to small savers that the Treasury developed in 2020 to finance the pandemic emergency and the recovery of the country. That tool raised a total of 22 billion.


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