Bryan Cranston Returns to Play Walter White for Super Bowl Ad

The actor Bryan Cranston returned to play Walter White, remembered and iconic character from the series “Breaking Bad”, for an advertisement.

This will be possible through a candy brand campaign PopCornerswhich will be part of the Super Bowl 2023.

In the month of December, FritoLay previewed the commercial with a silhouette of the actor in the desert while holding a package of the product. A few hours ago, the image was revealed in its entirety.

“Say our name”says the publication, made on the brand’s Instagram account.

Bryan Cranston revived “Walter White” for a commercial

It should be added that the last time the actor played the character of “Breaking Bad” was in 2022 for the series “Better Call Saul”.

breaking bad is an American drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan.

It tells the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a financially strapped chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. To pay for his treatment and ensure his family’s financial future, he begins cooking and selling methamphetamine.

The time “Walter White” surprised Giancarlo Esposito at a press conference

Last October, Giancarlo Esposito arrived in Chile to be part of the first day of Comic Con 2022. What no one expected was that the remembered “Gus Fring” would be surprised by “Walter White” himself.

In the images broadcast on social networks, it can be seen that the interpreter was part of a press conference with local media and fans.

Suddenly, a Chilean fan characterized as Walter White burst onto the scene, leaving those present and Esposito himself stunned.

That was how they both starred in a fun moment, in which even the actor joked with the bucket of ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ that the impersonator brought.

“Oh my gosh Walter, nice to see you.”said Giancarlo, seeing the cosplayer approaching.

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