Brutal murderer Petr B. (34) goes to prison for 16.5 years: He even stepped on his dead partner!

The man stood before the court for the ninth time. He confessed to the crime and agreed to a plea deal at the first trial. “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember anything. When I get drunk and slouch, then I have a window,” a drug addict who spent most of his life on the streets told the court.

He attacked his girlfriend out of jealousy last night on March 9 in the guard house in České Budějovice, where they both lived. The unfortunate woman had no chance to survive the terrible attack. She died of brain swelling. Her death was so brutal that it shook even the most hardened detectives. The rapist received a fifteen-year sentence for the brutal murder, and will serve the next months for bodily harm, dangerous threats and disorderly conduct.

Remedy is impossible

According to experts from the field of psychology and psychiatry, the culprit suffers from a personality disorder. “The likelihood of recidivism is very high, so we suggest detention,” they agreed. The court granted them, after serving the sentence the murderer will go to security detention.

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