Brussels federal judicial police dismantles drug gang

Archive image. © BELGA

Last Monday, November 14, the Brussels federal judicial police arrested two men who allegedly belong to a criminal organization involved in drug transport.

wverSource: BELGA

Four other suspected members of the criminal organization were arrested in France. When one of the French suspects was arrested, one of the police vehicles of the French police was driven into. This is reported by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office.

The criminal organization would have carried out heavily armed drug transports and had a hiding place in the Brussels region for this purpose, according to the public prosecutor’s office: “In collaboration with the French police, it was also possible to seize 40 kg of cocaine that was smuggled from the Netherlands via Belgium to France. The market value of this seizure can be estimated at approximately 3 million euros.”

“The persons linked to this file are no strangers to the judiciary,” it still sounds.

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