Bruno, star of "Married at first sight" and companion of Alicia, victim of a violent accident, he can no longer move…

Bruno, candidate for the 6th edition of Married at first sight, met the woman of his life thanks to the program. Since the end of the adventure, Alicia and him spin the perfect love. To celebrate their 10 months together, the two lovebirds have therefore taken the decision to organize a live on social networks. Event during which the young man was also able to confide in his state of health.

Victim of a terrible accident that occurred during football training, the husband of the pretty blonde then gave her news: “ Every Thursday, I play indoor football with my colleagues and I injured my football last Thursday during a change of direction. For those who don’t know, it’s face-to-face with another player. I went to one side and my ankle stayed planted on the ground. As a result, I hurt myself very very very very badly. ” Results ? ” A ftalus fracture “. ” Monday I did a scanner and in the evening I saw the orthopedic surgeon who confirmed a fracture of the talus. The talus is what holds the tibia and the ankle. »

“Complete immobilization”

Alicia, for her part, added that her husband had not done things by halves. ” It’s very rare. The surgeon said that it was strange to do that in football because in general, this type of fracture happens to yamakasis for example. It is a violent sprain over the violent fracture. “For the moment, Bruno is therefore not ready to return to play football with his colleagues. ” Complete immobilization of the leg for six weeks. I can’t put my foot down. I have a boot and crutches. It’s impossible, I tell you clearly “, specified the former candidate. A chance that he found the rare pearl to help him through this difficult period…


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