Bruno Pinasco told the unpleasant anecdote he lived with actor Peter Dinklage

Bruno Pinasco, in a new segment of “Cinescape”, had Giovanni Ciccia and Carlos Carlín as guests, to whom he told the unpleasant anecdote he lived with the renowned actor Peter Dinklage, remembered for his participation in “Game of Thrones.”

The television host revealed that the incident occurred during the Emmy Awards celebration, when he was invited to watch the show.

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“We were at the Emmys, I did the red carpet live and then they invited me to see the show. We were sitting in the seats, with all the nominees. There was Tina Fey, everyone from Modern Family, Sofía Vergara, all those from Game of Thrones and I start walking among them and I see Peter Dinklage there alone with his gray suit “, remembered.

Bruno commented that when he saw Dinklage among the artists, he approached him to ask him to take a picture together; however, he did not imagine the answer he would give him.

“He said, ‘Leave me alone! Get out of here! He told me like that and threw me out horrible. No wonder I was just sitting there ”, he commented between laughs.

“I saw him sitting there so lonely and I said ‘let’s talk to him’ and he sent me to hell. To the shouts it was ”, Bruno Pinasco recalled about the unpleasant experience he had with Peter Dinklage.

Giovanni Ciccia and Carlos Carlín were surprised by the attitude of the “Game of Thrones” actor. “How horrible, what a shame. How crazy ”, exclaimed Carlin. “No, there can’t be two my size”, said Ciccia laughing.

Finally, Pinasco commented that after the incident he did not dare to take photos with any other celebrities during the event. “I canceled”, confessed.

The Cinescape host revealed in one of his shows that one of the actors from the popular series Game of Thrones received bad treatment. Bruno Pinasco revealed every detail of the unfortunate moment. (Source: América TV)


Bruno Pinasco outraged by false calls to line 113

Bruno Pinasco outraged by false calls to line 113
Bruno Pinasco outraged by false calls to line 113 null

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