Bruno Gissoni comments on the last five years of his life and reports: "transformers"

Bruno Gissoni35 years old, analyzed the last five years of his life and melted for his wife, Yanna Lavignein addition to the two daughters he has with the actress.

THE Whothe actor celebrated for building a family: “Yanna is wonderful, she’s my goddess. What can I say about my daughters? They’re a gift I’ve been given in the last five years, which have been completely transformative for me in every way.”

He continued: “He had a family, the arrival of my daughters, which I will be redundant in saying how important this is for anyone… But for me it is special because they are two little creatures… Madalena is very special and Amelia is following the same path, being a little cake of love.”

Gissoni also says that he intends to travel with his 5-month-old youngest, Amélia, as he did with his eldest, Madalena, 5 years old: “Madalena had her passport all stamped on it. Amélia will also be like that, adventurous. Our idea is to rescue the ‘Before the World Ends’ [projeto em que a família viaja pelo Brasil a bordo de uma kombi] still this year. I think it’s important that we try to show the world what it is like for them.”

“Today, with technology, everything is very accessible for children… And the experience that Madalena had of traveling so much, even when she was very young, at two and a half, three years old, was special. She still remembers waking up in a different place every day,” he said. The double dose father even talked about the arrival of Amelia in his life. “We were scared at first, because Madalena was one of the first of the generation [ele é tio de três filhos de Felipe Simas] and got a lot of attention. And still have!”

The artist explained: “But after Amélia was born, Madá hugged her like the little sister she always had. She takes care of her sister, giving her pacifier in her mouth… When the pacifier falls, she puts on the pacifier, covers the little sister. .. When she’s watching cartoons, she wants to get her little sister to watch with her, that’s one thing! I can’t wait for them to connect more at a closer age.”

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