Brunetta replies to Berlusconi after leaving Forza Italia: “Rest in peace? From him personal attacks, he lost lucidity and humanity “

It is now an exchange of accusations, up to the personal attacks on the leader, what is taking place between the members of Forza Italia and the escaped ministers. While Mariastella Gelmini and Renato Brunetta have already formalized their farewell to the center-right formation, Mara Carfagna seems to be inclined to follow him. But it is precisely the Venetian professor who lashed out, in a contribution published in La Stampa, even against Silvio Berlusconi, after the latter had liquidated the issues with a “rest in peace” of finian memory. “Berlusconi accuses me of ungratefulness, together with my colleague Gelmini, and prophesies for us the lack of a political future. It is easy for me to answer that I love Berlusconi, and I always wanted him even in the darkest moments (and there were not a few), that for Forza Italia in my almost thirty years of militancy I gave everything: all of myself, all of my my intelligence, all my commitment, political and personal. I am only saddened by one thing about Berlusconi’s comment: that he attacks exclusively in a broken way on a personal level and does not take into account the very serious political reasons for our farewell. Here, this makes me say, unfortunately, that Berlusconi has lost lucidity and humanity, together with the extraordinary quality that we have always recognized: that of knowing how to read people’s souls ”.

Words that on the one hand demonstrate the attachment that the former forceist exponent has always and unconditionally shown to the founder of the party, but which also reveals the strong sense of disappointment towards the entrepreneur from Arcore, especially for the ways in which a 23-year relationship came to an end. “Dear President Berlusconi, I repeat: I continue to love you, but you have wasted a great opportunity, that of leaving a noble legacy to Italy – adds Brunetta – For all the good things you have done, it’s a pity that you conclude with resentment and with jokes that hurt you most of all. Hello president, long life ”, he then said, thus pointing out the distance on the approach to separation.

In his speech, he finally reiterated that “it was not only the M5S, but also Forza Italia, together with Salvini’s League, that sabotaged a liberal like Draghi, through selfish and dangerous power games on the skin of the people, of the Italians, of the Europeans ”And to have“ hoped until the end in a leap of responsibility, which did not arrive. I will fight now so that the culture and values ​​of Forza Italia are not lost. Navigating the constituency, values, history and international relations of Forza Italia is now a duty for all liberals, popular and reformists who care about the commitments at the center of the Draghi agenda, commitments that someone has deliberately chosen to trample ” .

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