Brunello Cucinelli and Prince Carlo together for the Himalayas: the Umbrian entrepreneur joins the “Fashion Task Force” for sustainable fashion

Brunello Cucinelli and the Prince Charles of England together for a more sustainable fashion. The Umbrian entrepreneur participated on Monday evening in a dinner at Buckingham Palace chaired by the heir to the throne, in which the adhesion of the Solomeo fashion house to the Fashion Task Force chaired by Federico Marchetti. It is one of the work areas of the The Sustainable Market Initiative, the Prince Charles project whose great goal is to build a coordinated global effort to enable the private sector to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future. Within it operate various “Task Forces”, each dedicated to a specific sector: from fashion, in fact, to the banking sector to the energy transition.

In particular, Brunello Cucinelli, who has always been the promoter of a new humanism which leads to greater protection of creation, thus guarantees its commitment to workflows dedicated to regenerative agriculture, as well as to financially support the Himalayan Regenerative Fashion Living Lab project. “We are honored to be able to participate in such a noble initiative and for this we would like to express our deepest gratitude to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, a polite man of great class, who together with his friend Federico Marchetti conceived the ‘Regenerative Fashion’ project. It is with sincere enthusiasm – commented Brunello Cucinelli – that we accepted to participate in a project of the highest humanityso that different populations can continue to live in the places of their ancient life in harmony with nature “.

“Our mother Earth welcomed us and nurtured us, allowed us to enjoy her wonderful resources and our responsibility is great for its fullest and most accurate protection. I have always been fascinated by the East, by these areas of the world and by the people who live where the landscape is so enchanting and the sky so close to men – explained Cucinelli -. Like us, I am convinced that landscape, economy, craftsmanship and traditions are part of a whole, which the project of the Himalayan Regenerative Fashion Living Lab conceives brilliantly as a holistic whole ”, concluded the entrepreneur.

That of the Himalayan Regenerative Fashion Living Lab is the second project of the Task Force of Fashion and has the goal of restore harmony between small local communities of some areas of the Himalayas with nature and the environment and at the same time, create fashion value chains that are sustainable. Specifically, the project will restore degraded landscapes and recover traditional crafts and textile skills in order to improve local cashmere, cotton and silk economies, addressing global challenges related to climate change and biodiversity loss. On the practical side, it will make use of the Reforest Action association and the Circular Bioeconomy Alliance led by scientist Marc Palahi in the field and will last for a period of two years (2022-2023).

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