Brunella Torpoco excited by the success of her European tour: “It’s a great dream”

Chalaca singer Brunella Torpoco continues to consolidate her career in our country, but she is also making her way internationally. A few days ago he returned to the capital after touring different cities of Europe.

In this regard, Torpoco said that it has been a great experience and that he missed the warmth of the public who chanted his songs.

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“It is a great dream for me to be able to make my music known in various places. Due to a pandemic we have been paralyzed, but now we are giving everything to the reactivation, but always taking care of the biosafety protocols”Said the gravy boat.

Although it has already begun to have international contact, the ‘powerful voice of salsa’ assured that it will continue with its face-to-face concerts in our country, one of them the New Year’s show that it will offer at the Palmeras venue, located in Trapiche, Comas.

The international artist Maykel Blanco and his Salsa Mayor will also perform at this show. “It is a luxury to be in the same concert as a great like Maykel Blanco. I am already eager to sing and that the public can enjoy that moment”, He said.

This event in North Lima, which will be held on January 1, 2022, will also bring together the exponents of Peruvian salsa such as Álvaro Rod, Cielo Torres, Son Tentación, Zaperoko, Combinación de la Habana, Los Barraza, among others.

According to the organizers, the venue will reopen its doors to the public, complying with all sanitary protocols for the show.


Torpoco, who comes from a humble family, says that he will continue down this path from bolero to salsa, which he calls ‘salsa de despecho’. His successes include: “Honda”, “Lady”, “Bad Man”, “She”, “Scoundrel”, “I played your role”, among others, which have become a success in their virtual shows on social networks.

He recalled that he recorded a creole mix by Tito Manrique, a renowned music producer who won the Silver Gaviota at the Viña del Mar Festival 2015 with Cosa Nuestra. He also admits that making music in the country is not easy at all, but with struggle and perseverance many things can be achieved.


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