Brunella Horna and her uncomfortable reaction when Christian Domínguez compared her to Annabelle

An uncomfortable moment was recorded in the recent edition of “América Hoy” after Christian Domínguez compared his partner Brunella Horna with the terrifying doll Annabelle.

The drivers had prepared a program alluding to Friday the 13th, a day considered unlucky by millions of people, however, the “Baby Brune” was not disguised as any character unlike the cumbiambero.

Faced with this situation, the vocalist of the Great International Orchestra started the América Televisión program by throwing a cruel joke at his partner.

There’s one little thing you haven’t said. Yes, Brunella is in disguise. I thought I was from Annabelle”, he commented.

Gamarra’s businesswoman did not take this comment in a good mood and she was seen to be quite annoyed in front of the cameras. After the comparison, she only managed to warn the cumbiambero: “Do not make me speak”, he narrowed down.

Domínguez jokes with Brunella,


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