Bruna Marquezine Supergirl! These 5 looks prove: an actress has everything to be the hero in the future

Bruna Marquezine stirred up the internet by revealing to have been in second place in the tests to play the heroine Supergirl in the movie “The Flash”. In production, the role ended up being the North American Sasha Calle. However, there is no lack of fans for the Brazilian artist – confirmed as the protagonist of the series “Maldives”, on Netflix, to gain another chance in the future.

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Just like Marquezine, the Purepeople is passionate about fashion and decided to list, in a fun way, some looks full of personality of the actress that only increase the desire that she play, in some movie in the future, the iconic heroine of DC Comics, the company that will have a new version of Superman adapted for the small screen with Michael B. Jordan by HBO.

1 – Monochromatic red look even has boots in color

Red is one of the most common colors in the heroine’s uniforms and also one of Bruna Marquezine’s favorite shades. During this year’s Paris week, the actress emerged powerfully in a red monocratic outfit. With the right patent leather boots, the production is worthy of a superstar!

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