Bruna Marquezine reacts to photos from her 15th birthday party rescued by the web: ‘Piedade’

Bruna Marquezine relived a remarkable moment in her life on Twitter, this Sunday (24). A fan club of the actress rescued the photos of her 15th birthday party – which was coveted by a famous actor on social networks this weekend – and the famous reaction to seeing the photos was unusual. She was mentioned by the profile “Diva da Depression”, which has a board in which she comments on the parties of the famous. “What is marking us here”, wrote the account of the comedians. Bruna then asked: “Piedade, Diva da Depression, piedade”.

In the photos, the actress appears wearing makeup and posing near the initials of her name. The party guests are also in the post: Marina Ruy Barbosa, Isabelle Drummond, Carla Diaz, Miguel Rômulo, Sasha Meneghel and Caio Castro, who was Bruna’s prince at the celebration. One of the records that draws the most attention is that of the actress’s father, Telmo, saying a prayer. This is because, in the photo, he looks like President Jair Bolsonaro. “Bolsonaro blessing Marquezine in the multiverse”, commented one. “I had 10 seconds of delay to realize that it’s not Bolsonaro there,” wrote another. “Okay, but what was Bolsonaro doing with her here?”, joked one more time.

Some very characteristic points of the time – the party was in 2010 – entertained internet users. “How did no one comment on the black and white photo and just the colored nails? The height of fashion at the time,” recalled one. “this pink dress and then the short black one”, commented an internet user about the looks. “Gbroke ALL the criteria for a 2000 15th birthday party”, pointed out another one about the actress’s party – who announced the end of the recordings of the movie “Besouro Azul”.

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