Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña show intimacy behind the scenes of ‘Besouro Azul’

Bruna Marquezine celebrated Xolo Maridueña’s 21st birthday with a prank call. The actress’s romantic partner in “Besouro Azul” ended up taking a different bath behind the scenes of the DC movie and was made fun of by Brazilians on social media.

Showing that she maintains a friendship with the cast of the film in which she will be the protagonist, Bruna teased Xolo for the prank call. In a photo published in the actress’ stories, the actor appears serious and covered in foam. “Happy birthday, Xolo,” Bruna wrote, showing the intimacy that comes with playing with her co-star.

The actor also spoke about the prank he received. “Y’all had to see the other guy,” he wrote, indicating that the person who soiled him came out even dirtier from the game.

Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña win shipp on the web

The main couple, played by Xolo and Bruna, is already pleasing fans. Recently, the actress was at the opening of an American football game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, accompanied by the boy. On social media, fans have even made a “shipname” for the couple.

What is the story of the ‘Blue Beetle’?

The version of the hero that will win movie screens in 2023 first appeared in 2006 in the “Infinite Crisis” saga. In it, Jaime Reyes is a student from a Mexican family who lives in Texas, in the United States.

The boy lives a normal life until he finds a scarab-shaped object. The artifact fuses with the boy’s body and gives him an exoskeleton and superpowers.

The hero has appeared in some DC animations, such as “Young Justice” and “Justice League vs. Teen Titans”.

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