Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña appear face to face behind the scenes of ‘Besouro Azul’. Photograph!

Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña have shown that the connection between the two extends beyond the front of the camera. The protagonists of “Blue Beetle” have shared, several times, moments of relaxation during the filming of the DC film. This time, the intimacy between the two was recorded by a photo.

In an image shared by a member of the film’s crew, Bruna and Xolo appear, alongside other members of the film’s team. In the picture, Xolo is hugged and very close to the actress. “Dinner with the family,” the staff member wrote in the posted photo.

This closeness between the two even made a crowd arises for the production couple to happen in real life.

+ Bruna Marquezine reports her first meeting with a romantic partner in ‘Besouro Azul’.

Xolo Maridueña deletes photo with Bruna Marquezine after detail draws public attention

On Tuesday (21), Xolo published a photo with his partner. However, a detail of the image caused the actor to erase it in a very short time.

In the image, Xolo and Bruna appear side by side in a car. The actor pouts for the camera and photographs Marquezine without her noticing. When publishing the image, however, the star let a little dirt escape, that is, a snot on the nose.

Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña took a chemistry test

The chemistry shown by Bruna and Xolo is not mere chance: before being confirmed as an actress in “Besouro Azul”, Marquezine had to undergo a test that aimed, precisely, to verify the chemistry between her and the main star of the film.

I arrived, auditioned, met Xolo, met the director personally. It was nervous, the hand sweating, a heat that comes, wanting to call the mother. He was already confirmed, so he was calm. I was there on automatic, I don’t even remember the first part”, said the star, in an interview with “PodDelas”.

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