Bruna Linzmeyer saves frogs trapped in a swimming pool without water: "frog heroine"

Bruna Linzmeyer exercised her heroine side by appearing in a video on social media saving some frogs with her bare hands from an empty swimming pool.

“We have a heroine of the frogs here,” said the person who recorded the video of the moment when the actress removes the animals from the pool – not before asking them for permission. “Otherwise they will die here in this heat,” he said.

The actress is on a break after testing positive for covid-19. She has been spending seasons in Mato Grosso do Sul for the recordings of the soap opera “Pantanal”, and in December revealed to have swam with alligators in the river.

Madeleine’s interpreter, Bruna recalled backstage: “At that moment, it was difficult. I had sleepless nights, I talked to Paulo Gorgulho, with Jayme Monjardim, to feel comfortable and have this partnership on the scene with Paulo. Jayme took out half of the team and left the fewest people. It was an almost family team, but as we were at the beginning of the soap opera, we still didn’t have intimacy with everyone.”

“It was a super challenge. It was a very hot love scene, but very beautiful. Paulo was very brave to take the alligator in his hand. Nature also brings a pulsating energy, which is very sensual. The animals are there mating too “, she explained. Linzmeyer took the opportunity to comment on his role.

“As it was in the first version too, people must know a little bit. I do the first phase of the novel, in the first chapters. She is called Madeleine. She is a very dreamy woman, very free, very calm, but who ends up finding some things bad things come her way and she starts to unravel and the plot unfolds,” he concluded.

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